The Editors

As part of our exploration in creating a diverse and varied journal, genre editors change every two months. We have no intermediary readers. All work is read directly by the current editor in each genre. The support staff is constant but we have no hand in reading. The James Franco Review is on hiatus while Monica Lewis and Nicole McCarthy reimagine the journal.


Monica Lewis | Media Director

Monica Lewis plays in Brooklyn and hustles in Manhattan. She holds an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts, where she studied alongside James Franco himself. Both her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in The James Franco Review and her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Rust + Moth, FLAPPERHOUSE, The Boiler Journal, Yes, Poetry, Breadcrumbs, the Shade Journal, among others. She is a VONA/Voices alumna and an assistant editor for NOON. Follow her on Twitter @mclewis22.

Nicole McCarthy | Managing Editor

Nicole McCarthy is an experimental poet/writer/artist who tends to work on too many creative projects at once. She is currently in the MFA program at the University of Washington Bothell and working on her first hybrid collection. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Punctuate Magazine, The Fem, Crab Fat Magazine, Flapperhouse, Ghost Proposal, and Tinderbox Poetry. Nicole lives in the real world but can sometimes be found on Twitter- @GarbyTheSass.

Corinne Manning | Founding Editor

Corinne Manning is a fiction writer crafting novels and stories that explore intimacy of language and queerness. Stories from the collection We Had No Rules have appeared in Story Quarterly, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Moss, and are forthcoming from Calyx, The Bellingham Review and Southern Humanities Review.  Corinne lives on a farm with loved ones outside of Seattle and is at work on a novel.


Natasha Marin | Art Director

Natasha Marin once saved a baby kangaroo from a burning building. That is a lie. She is known for making people feel warm and fuzzy with her steady repetition: “White Supremacy is all just in your imagination!” Also a lie. The truth is even more difficult to comprehend– Natasha is a human being just like you, with many of the same hopes and dreams. One of her dreams is to #eatbeauty. Follow her on Twitter @mikokuro. That melanin though.

Kristen Steenbeeke | Copyeditor

Kristen Steenbeeke is primarily a poet and occasionally a prose writer. Her poems have been published in City Arts MagazinePacifica Literary ReviewPoetry NorthwestSeattle Review of Books, and Pleiades; her prose has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Tin House Flash Fiction Fridays, and as a radio play for NPR’s Snap Judgment. She’s headed to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in fall 2016, and she freelances as a copyeditor, designer, and lettering artist.

Previous Editors

Karolyn Gehrig | Issue 8 Nonfiction Editor

Kamden Hilliard | Issue 8 Poetry Editor

Ryka Aoki | Issue 8 Fiction Editor

Vanessa Martir | Issue 7 Nonfiction Editor

David Ishaya Osu | Issue 7 Poetry Editor

Dawnie Walton | Issue 7 Fiction Editor

Elissa Washuta | Issue 6 Nonfiction Editor

Dawn Lundy Martin | Issue 6 Poetry Editor

Ahsan Butt | Issue 6 Fiction Editor

Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo | Issue 5 Nonfiction Editor

Oliver de la Paz | Issue 5 Poetry Editor

Gabrielle Bellot | Issue 5 Fiction Editor

Courtney Kersten | Issue 4 Nonfiction Editor

Yasmin Belkhyr | Issue 4 Poetry Editor

Kamala Puligandla | Issue 4 Fiction Editor

Ashley Ford | Issue 3 Nonfiction Editor

Michelle Peñaloza | Issue 3 Poetry Editor

Eric Boyd | Issue 3 Fiction Editor

Maya Sonenberg | Issue 2 Nonfiction Editor

Maisha Z. Johnson | Issue 2 Poetry Editor

Aaron Counts | Issue 2 Fiction Editor

Nancy Jooyoun Kim | Issue 1 Nonfiction Editor

Rochelle Hurt | Issue 1 Poetry Editor

Erin Sroka |  Issue 1 Fiction Editor