Editor Spotlight: Erin Sroka


Erin Sroka, Fiction Editor for November/December, is a writer living in Durham, North Carolina.

Why work for The James Franco Review:

I like the playfulness in the submission process, the conceit that you can take a break from being just another writer, sitting at a desk in sweatpants, damp with anxieties about not making it. Instead, you submit from a place where your words and ideas carry extra weight because you already won the art world lottery. You have enough money. You have health insurance, the good kind. You can have a baby whenever you want.

And I like the inclusivity. Our work as editors involves staying open to characters and voices we don’t normally hear from, and I’m excited to see what will happen when we allow for these things.

Erin Sroka loves you, James Francos, and is excited to read your work in this merit-based vacuum.