Issue 2 / Poetry

Poetry by Cody Pherigo

A Blot of Gender

I dangled above the pronoun

& almost spanked it

from my perspective.


Tilted to the crowd—

my Zeppelin masculinity

for kinky, Midwestern applause.


Feral arrows peal—

leave a rude stain

converted to manhood. Feathers.


I operate Butch bones

flag Femme of Oz—

we are a persistent port.


Gusts of F and M

fill my mouth

like ether taking a bath.


Poppy feathers fall

& potent pronoun basks

in a bathroom portrait.








Cody Pherigo is a queer writing animal from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like his hometown, some people believe he is impossible. Cody studied, taught, and performed with Bent Writing Institute in Seattle, Washington, for five years, which inspired him to self-publish two chapbooks: Blue Thunder Children and Animal’s Sabbath. His poems and artwork have appeared in Nerve Lantern, Milk Sugar, Original Plumbing, and the anthology Gay City: Volume 6. Cody has a spiritual crush on etymology and singing. He graduated from Goddard College’s MFAW program. Cody can be contacted at cody[dot]pherigo[at]gmail[dot]com. Selected by Maisha Z. Johnson.

Image “Killer Eye” © Cody Pherigo