Issue 4 / Poetry

Poetry by Jamison Crabtree

Fever & Love

in the red city morning beat the children awake

the cloudwall protected us   badge-bright & terrible

it was spring & thin sheets fenced

each body from the other bodies

i tried listening, put my ear to the cold, once

but i fell through

i tried listening at the edges of bodies

but the sound was gross

the heavy morning

& invaders could walk right in     which     looking

at what’s been made could be

a good thing


Jamison Crabtree’s book of poems about movie monsters and grief, rel[am]ent, was awarded the Word Works’ Washington Prize and was published in the Spring of 2015. He lives in Las Vegas, where he works as the Director of Education for a bookstore. Selected by Yasmin Belkhyr.

Image © desobte via Flickr Creative Commons.