Issue 4 / Poetry

Poetry c/o Yasmin Belkhyr

Poetry in Issue 4 was edited by Yasmin Belkhyr. In addition to being the editor for Winter Tangerine she has gorgeous poetry in Issue 1 of The James Franco Review. Below Yasmin shares a note on the poetry she selected for  Issue 4

Dear readers,

I recently moderated a lecture by poet Richard Siken and in it, he exactly defined how I chose the poems in this issue. “Follow the one that you keep reaching for, the one you keep thinking about”. So simple but so true. I didn’t choose the poems in this issue based on their technical skill, or original voice, or unique imagery – I chose them because when I had finished reading them and was washing the dishes or writing an email, they were the ones that came back to me. Many of them flutter around the concept of ghosts – and in a way, they’ve haunted me. When sending out the acceptance for one of the poems you’ll soon read, I wrote that the voice was deeply familiar, like an old friend or a home. To me, this is a sign of true poetry. A stranger made friend. A song you’ll know by the opening notes. I can only hope that once you finish this issue, these poems will also linger in your subconscious, that they will also flutter in your mind. I hope they haunt you too.